Laughter Yoga class


A laughter yoga session is a great activity to include in your hen party! Sessions include games and laughter exercises – including getting to know you exercises. Laughter sessions are strictly alcohol free affairs – however there is evidence to suggest that laughter and deep breathing can help minimise hangovers!


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

Games are not just for children! A wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Your birthday laughter session can include a mix of laughter yoga and more traditional children’s party games… when was the last time you played musical statues?


Team building and stress management workshops and programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They can run from anywhere between 1 hour and a couple of days.

Typical goals include:

• Enhancing team dynamics

• Stress management

• Well-being and relaxation

• Boosting creativity and problem solving

• Having fun!

Laughter helps us feel more connected to one another – in fact some anthropologists believe that the purpose of laughter is to maintain the cohesion of social groups. A recent study by the Open University conducted on couples in long term relationships found that the no. 1 thing that British couples appreciated about each other was their sense of humour or ability to make each other laugh. Laughter is therefore fundamental: it provides the glue in many of our significant relationships especially in the workplace.


Emma is running a series of Improv workshops in Spring 2018 in association with Hove Stressbusters.


‘The clients really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga session – the majority said that they felt grounded, centred, and confident to face life’s challenges’ – Support Worker, Support4Housing

‘Probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on’ – Jules, Brighton 

‘Didn’t realise how other people’s laughter is so contagious’ – Sarah, Brighton 

‘Emma was a calm but inspiring leader who adapted the activities to ensure everyone lost their initial inhibitions and joined in with glee. The activities were playful, funny, cognitively stimulating and emphasised the good relationships between staff. By the end of the session, when asked to describe how they felt, the teachers used words like “energised”, “calm”, “happy”, “relaxed”. Several staff also reported sleeping very well that night.’ – Gillian, Headteacher, Fosse Bank School