We offer a two-day certified laughter yoga leader training course. This is recognised by the founder of laughter yoga, Dr Kataria and the Laughter Yoga University. In addition to learning how to structure and run your own laughter sessions we will have plenty of time to explore the concept of play and you will learn lots of games that you will be able to incorporate into your laughter sessions.

Laughter Yoga qualification


‘Thank you, Emma so much, for being such a kind, patient and wise teacher’ – Rose Smith, Forest Row

‘Thank you so much for an amazing weekend, I loved it. I’ve been feeling so calm and happy!’ – Ollie, Brighton

‘During the Laughter Yoga Training, Emma created a warm, safe space where we could explore our ways of having fun and sillyness to the fullest, without any sense of being judged. Her way of running the sessions was gentle and yet the course felt well structured, with all the exercises, games, breaks and talks moving smoothly on from one to another. A fantastic weekend. Thank you’ – Emi, Brighton

‘It has been a couple of weeks since the Laughter Yoga weekend training and I have been experiencing a subtle but profound inner shift of consciousness. I feel it has allowed a lighter side to come forward and almost demand my attention. I am thrilled that this more natural state of happiness is taking precedence over a feeling of being stuck with a hardship/bleakness outlook. Thank you so much Emma for your warmth, fun and gentle encouragement to open ourselves to something very simple as well as profound in its affect on health and well being’ – Clio, Forest Row